One of these mornings



The first morning in Tokyo I wake up very early, I went outside and got lost in the streets of Ikebukuro where my friends lives.


  1. Chaucee 19 January 2013

    These photos are gorgeous! There’s nothing like the morning light. You photographed it beautifully. I’ve always wanted to visit Tokyo!

  2. magnifique!

  3. Liz 19 January 2013

    Ah you are back in Japan! Getting lost there seems like a lot of fun – especially since you got so many beautiful pictures.

  4. meds 20 January 2013

    Familiar walks with familiar greenery. The cold air can be seen through your pictures :)

  5. Marion 20 January 2013

    Rholalala. Et cette première est parfaite.

  6. Margaux 20 January 2013

    Merci Narumi. Une très belle année à toi aussi, fais nous encore voyager en partageant tes paysages et tes souvenirs qui sont si doux.

  7. Mingou 21 January 2013

    Quelle chance de pouvoir se promener dans les rues de Tokyo… Je t’envie…
    Profite !

  8. Alex 22 January 2013

    C’est exactement ça, les souvenirs que j’ai du petit matin à Tokyo! <3

  9. Narumi 23 January 2013

    Liz : Well no I just go back a week ago :) Thank you !!

  10. Narumi 23 January 2013

    Marion : Merci <3

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